California Winemakers Go Wild For Hard Apple Cider

TroylogoThe Troy Hard Apple Cider is a collaboration of Troy Carter and Tony Coturri, one of Sonoma’s organic winemaking gurus. The bottling is apparently the product of an old apple orchard in Sebastopol in Sonoma County. It is made unfined and unfiltered, with no added sulfites and entirely with wild yeast. This is some of the most interesting and unique cider I’ve yet tasted. it will be fascinating to see what the duo of Carter and Coturri do to continue the Troy cider brand.

Troy Hard Apple Cider—Wild Fermentation (Barrel 5 of 22)

Troy-CiderAlcohol: 5%
Origin: Sebastopol, Sonoma County, CA
Fruit: Old Orchard Heirloom Apple
Production: 5,000 500ml bottles +/-
Price: $10/500ml

RATING: * * * * of 5

This artisan cider pours a cloudy dark straw in color and is opaque. Once in the glass there are no signs of bubbles or carbonation. When you smell this cider you might, like me, immediately think of a warm pitcher of summer lemonade that was left to sit outside too long. Not enough was sold at the corner stand because the kids failed to put enough sugar in it. Or maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll just note the funky citrus aroma with high-toned apple notes and something brooding and swampy. It’s quite fun to smell. Only the slightest hint of carbonation hits the palate. Yet the cider has a rich and creamy citrus texture that delivers a medium bodied impact on the palate with a modicum of astringent tannin. This is complex and interesting cider that is fun to taste. There is a distinct greenness to it, herbal really. Notes of tart yellow apples show distinctly. For those of you who have had the pleasure of drinking the famed Portuguese wine Vinho Verde, you will recognize that tart, refreshing, green wine in this cider too. If there is any sugar left in the Troy Hard Apple Cider, it’s blanketed by the herbal, citrus, underripe apple and a tiny dose of lemoncello liqueur on the finish. Finally, you are going to like the hint of vinegar in this cider that leaves a nearly salty effect. Wild!

Troy Hard Apple Cider
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    California Winemakers Go Wild For Hard Apple Cider – Fermentation

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