Cider Review: Eric Bordelet Sparkling Poire Cider (Thrilling)

BordeletThe Bordelet family’s biodynamic orchards are in southern Normandy. The orchards as well as the cider making is undertaken by former Paris sommelier Eric Bordelet. All tolled, the orchard is 37 acres, seven and a half of which bear apple and pear trees 50 years old. The estate holds 20 varieties of apples and 15 varieties of pear. This is cider you are going to want to make a special effort to seek out.

Eric Bordelet Sparkling Poire Authentique   ****/*****

bordelet-poireFruit: Biodynamically grown estate pears

Origin: Normandy, France

Production: Unknown

Alcohol: 4%

Price: $16.99/750

Rating: ****/***** of 5

It pours light golden and possess perfect clarity, having the look of a middled aged white burgundy. In the glass a good quarter inch mouse forms and when quiet the small to medium sized bubbles begin to rise in the same manner as good champagne. The nose is pear first and pear primarily, but it also possesses hints of metal and yeast with a nice round thyme-like character underneath. It delivers an intriguing and interesting set of aromas that, again, are driven by pear. But once you put this poire in your mouth you’ll agree that’s exactly where it needs to be and where it shines. First citrus envelopes your palate with a prick, followed immediately by a beautiful tart pear flavor that possesses a beautiful purity. A hint of sweetness matches wonderfully with the fine acidity. The 4% alcohol is no where to be seen and still a certain warm hits the throat. I found this poire to be a thrilling drink. Its composition and balance are stunning and it finishes very long. A beautiful pear cider.

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  1. Bob Henry - April 8, 2014


    Nice to see you have discovered Eric’s handiwork.

    ~~ Bob

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