Cider Review: Hogan’s Dry Cider from England’s Westmidlands

hoganslogoHogan cider out of England produces ciders and perrys from the famed orchard growing areas of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire counties. The various cider varieties are fermented separately at Hogan, then a blend is composed with the goal being to produce a cider that balances alcohol strength, tannins, acidity and sweetness. The Hogan Ciders win numerous medals at competitions across the globe. Proprietor Allen Hogan is active on Twitter and well worth a follow at: @HogansCider.

Hogan’s Dry Cider

HoganDryCiderAlcohol: 5.8% ….Origin: Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Counties, England ….Fruit: A blend of bittersweet, bittersharp and dessert apples ….Production: Unknown ….Price: $6.49/500ml. bottle

RATING: * * * / 5

Pure, clear golden color with moderately active bubbles popping to the surface. Apple and hints of anise rise out of this cider and strike the nose in a pretty confident fashion A fairly dry and somewhat tannic cider with good carbonation. It’s a clean on the palate and somewhat light bodied. Very refreshing as it moves across the palate, due in part to the carbonation. The tannins sit around a bit on the palate. The flavors are prominently tart apple and yeast, with a note and the slightest hint of dry herbs and spices. This cider does possess a bit of Brett if that matters to you. I think it delivers a bit of complexity. I’d argue it’s a somewhat short in flavor staying power. The sugar in this cider is there, but a mere hint. This would be a lovely cider to pair up with a number of dishes. I’d like to try it with Fish and Chips or even tempura vegetables. Grilled shrimp or scallops would also do the trick.

Hogan’s Cider

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