Review of a Cider for the Very Vast Masses

Woodchuck Hard Cider Amber

woodchucklogoWoodchuck Hard Cider Company is among the largest commercial ciders produced in the U.S. and is owned by one of the largest commercial cider producers in the world, C&C out of Ireland, the owners of Magners,  Bulmars, Hornsby and Blackthorn cider brands. This brand is likely to be one of the entry brands new cider drinkers will encounter and enjoy. However, Woodchuck does not produce genuine craft cider. This is highly processed cider for the masses.

Alcohol: 5%….Production: Unknown (lots!)….Origin: U.S…..Fruit: Unknown blend of sweet apples….Price: $8.99/six-pack of 12oz bottles

RATING: * / * * of 5

woodchuckAmber copyThis cider has a lovely, rich golden hue with distinct medium-sized bubblettes clinging to the side of the glass. The aroma is distinctly and purely apple. There is not much else to detect beyond this. It’s a studiously clean cider. On the palate the carbonation is present, though not stinging, making it simple to gulp. This is light bodied too. Not much girth or stuffing here. On the palate you are going to first note the cider’s sweetness. Then the sugary sweetness again. Apple and sweetness and not much else in the way of flavor is what you get. It could be argued, “well, it’s hard apple cider, what else would you want?” That’s a good point. But this cider is indeed very weak in the middle palate: The sweet apple flavor hits, but then nothing more develops, then it’s gone. In a way, this is a simple, diluted apple syrup. It’s gulpable. For sure.

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