Review: A Great Cider to Hook Non-Cider Drinkers

Blue Mountain Cider Company Eden Ridge Hard Cider

bluemountain cider logoBlue Mountain Cider Company is located in Milton-Freewater, Oregon in northeastern Oregon and just over he border from Washington. This is convenient since they source all of their apples from the Walla Walla Valley in Washington. Blue Mountain produces about eight different ciders including a single varietal Gravenstein cider. The cider reviewed today, the Eden Ridge, would be considered their “entry-level” cider.

Alcohol: 6%
Production: Unknown
Source: Walla Walla Valley, Washington
Fruit: A five-Apple Blend
Price: $12.00 / 750ml.

RATING: * * / * * * of 5

blue-mountain-eden-ridge copyLight straw in color introduces what will end up being a somewhat light hard cider. This is crystal clear with little or no head upon pouring, but with consistent bubbles. The first hit upon sticking your nose deep is tart apple, followed up by distinct lemon/lime aromas. Interestingly, take note of the fact that the aroma alone tells you this is a semi-sweet cider; there is smell of apple candy that rises out of the glass. The cider’s body is dominated by carbonation and acidity. It’s a light bodied cider that does a great job of refreshing the palate (I’d love to sip on this cider between flights of reds when judging at a wine competition. The Taste? Citrus and apple. That’s what yo get here. This isn’t too complex a cider. Very straight forward. The Blue Mountain folk suggest this would be a good bottle to use to introduce new cider drinkers to the category. They’ve nailed that. It would. There’s nothing offensive about this, it delivers a dollop of sugar, but nothing in the realm of what you get in the commercial ciders.

Buy this at the Eden Ridge Cider Company

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