A Wine Blogger’s Resolve

resolvedAs I’ve said before, New Year resolutions are good. They focus your attention on what one should do, if only for that moment while considering the resolutions. Plus, if you are a stick-to-it kind of person they provide you with presumably worthy goals for the next six months.

So, I have a few resolutions for 2016.

1. Drink Up More of My Cellar
It’s starting to pile up. Plus, I don’t drink nearly enough. Also, now that my son, Henry George, is getting older and I’m a bit more accomplished at the art of not killing the kid, I think I can afford a drink in my while I chase him around the house in the evening.

2. Do a Thorough Drinking Survey of Oregon
I have an education in Oregon wines, but it’s just not good enough, particularly considering that it is they most dynamic wine growing region in America and looks to only become more dynamic over the next few years. So, I’m diving in. Any Oregonian experts that want to point me to those wines I need to try but may not have gotten to…please weigh in.

3. Broaden Henry George’s Liquid Education
To this point, Our Little Project has developed his palate to the point where he’s an expert in whole milks. Not the worst thing to be an expert in. Plus, he’s begun to explore the sweeter ciders and wines. Soon he’ll be two years old and I can’t think of a better time for him to start to delve into sips of sparkling wine, flavored ciders and Rieslings.

4. Embrace Bourbon on the Golf Course
My playing time over the past year or so has diminished and my dream of getting to a five handicap is likely only to be a dream. So, it’s time to embrace the full amateur golf experience and that means taking a shot of bourbon at the turn. I’ve stay away from doing this…mainly. But I feel that now I’m in a place where I can fully enjoy being pumped full of that good, brown elixir as I play my back nines.

5. Convince a Writer to Do an Expose on the Three Tier System
This isn’t a story I pitch. I don’t have time, given that none of the clients at Wark Communications require it. However, this year I’m making a special effort to seek out that special writer who is willing to shine the light on the most archaic government institution in America. Any candidates thinking they are up to the task are welcome to contact me. I can assure you I can point you toward some wonderful sources.


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  1. Steve Hendricks - December 23, 2015

    Tom: next time you’re up in Oregon, please swing by.

  2. Bob Henry - December 25, 2015

    “Any Oregonian experts that want to point me to those wines I need to try but may not have gotten to…please weigh in.”

    Timely advice: RUN don’t walk in seeking out any last remaining 2012 vintage Pinot Noirs still on the shelves at your local wine stores (or at wine stores you order online from).

    It is no coincidence that a 2012 Oregon Pinot Noir was third place on the Wine Spectator’s year-end Top 100 list. (And three other 2012 Oregon Pinot Noirs made the Top 40 of the Top 100 list.)

    The stellar 2012s are being replaced by the “good enough” 2013 releases.

    And try some early release 2014 Pinot Noirs as a harbinger of the vintage (whom some say is akin to the 2012 vintage).

  3. Jeff Kralik - December 27, 2015

    I might know a writer that may be interested….

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