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Feb 12, 2010


Yes. Valentines Day is a Hallmark Holiday; a corporate concoction that plays on our deepest feelings for the purpose of selling us stuff. That's not what perturbs me most about the occasion. What really gets to me is that this corporate creation is a good idea. Why not set aside a day to celebrate love? Yes, I know. I've heard it and I understand it and I agree with it: We ought to celebrate our love and the love of…

Jan 27, 2010

My Lubricated Education

It is the seemingly small acts of personal pleasure and quirky pursuits that keep us from dismissing the day as a grind and nothing more. Yes, there are those of us lucky enough to love our work and our career. I don't need any attempts at persuasion to convince me that working in wine public relations and marketing is a treat. But even when you can look a readership in the monitor and guarantee them you are pleased as punch…