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Mar 3, 2005

Terroir: A Mental Construct?

Both at the Caveman Blog and over at Basic Juice there are short discussions of the "Vin Nature" movement…which as I understand is a movement among winemakers and viticulturists and wine lovers that extols the virtues of wines that accurately reflect their terroir. Those discussions are a nice lead in to some more thinking I’ve been doing on the notion of "Terroir" What I’ve been pondering in particular is this: While "terroir" is almost always referred to as a product…

Feb 25, 2005

Breaking Down New Zealand Pinot

When grapegrowers and winemakers of an emerging wine region begin debating where the best of a particular varietal is grown, you know that wine region is no longer emerging…it has arrived. This is the case with New Zealand and its highly praised Pinot Noir. In a recent article for The Wine News by writer Gerald Boyd, New Zealand’s various regions are considered in the light of their Pinot Noir. Boyd looks at the Pinots coming out of the Martinborough, Marlborough,…