2005 What’s Hot in Food…Where are the Blogs?

Over at the Santa Cruz sentinel writer Nancy Redwine (is that really her name?) speculates on what’s in and out for food in 2005.

I like these kinds of lists. They make think and I get to measure my own opinions against another’s. But in her list what’s in and out with regard to food there is a huge omission:

They appear to her to be neither IN nor OUT. Yet clearly FoodBlogs are IN.

Some the best, most original food writing, some great discoveries and some very insightful commentary is coming from the growing list of food blogs on the net. And with the news feeds and aggregators it’s easier than ever to construct your own media world filled with the writers you want to read…Including food bloggers.

The list of great food bloggers is very long…to long to list in this post. My best advice is check out FOOD PORN WATCH for a list of those foodblogs that have been most recently updated.

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