Gary Farrell, Brothers-In-Law, and Video Games

One thing I hadn’t planned to do much with this blog is review wine. I have a decent palate and all and I’ve tasted a few wines in the past 15 years, but the fact is there are bloggers out there who do a great job of uncovering gems. That said…

Is Gary Farrell the best winemaker in Sonoma County? Absolutely everything this man lays his hands on turns into nectar. The cool thing about being Gary Farrell is your reputation allows you to buy grapes from just about anyone you want to. Look at the 2002 Sonoma County Pinot Noir.

I had it last night at my brother in law’s Christmas Party. Kinda surprising to see it there. Tim isn’t a big wine lover. You expect to see something from Australia with a cute animal on the label. So, as I look at the booze shelf I’m taken aback when I see this wine sitting there. I swear, I looked around, over each shoulder, to see if there was anyone I needed to look out for who was ready to grab the bottle. No one. I reach for the cork screw.

This is one of those Pinots that you can smell before it gets out of the bottle. The meaty, dark and brooding cherry aromas, spice, vanilla notes that verge on molasses. The structure is pure velvet. No hammer. Just velvet. This is sexy wine. The price is in the neighborhood of $30 and worth every penny. Gary made about 2000 cases.

Tim, my brother-in-law, said he bought it because it didn’t have your typical label. He’s right. By the way, if any of you are interested in learning more about Tim, who is also America’s most innovative video game creator check out his website:

I promise very few tasting notes here. However, sometimes when I run across something that is unique and simply too impress to walk past, I’ll break my rule and post about it hear.

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