Pinot Wins if “Sideways” Wins

Wow…the film “Sideways” continues to sweep the awards. I saw it. I liked it. But it didn’t strike me as a “Best Film of the Year.” That said, I still wonder how this bandwagon fueled by wine will affect the consumption and appreciation of wine in America.

To date “Sideways” has received “Best Film” awards from the New York Film Critics, Los Angeles Film Critics, The American Film Institute, and the National Board of Review. It was nominated in the Best Comedy or Musical category of the Golden Globe Awards and is sure to be nominated for an Oscar.

So what is the outcome? Does just the Santa Barbara wine region benefit? I don’t think so. Frankly, I didn’t think the shots of vineyards were that spectacular. All wine tourism gets a boost. Do more people explore wine appreciation? Yea, I think there is a “Sideways Boost” coming. Does Pinot Noir benefit. I think so. Pinot is still a secondary varietal to most casual wine drinkers. This film is really a boost for Pinot…no doubt.

So what happens if “Sideways” wins the Oscar? One of the benefits I think will be the inclusion of wine in more films.

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