The Holy Grail of Wine PR…Found?

With the money I’ve spent on clipping services over the years trying to track where our clients’ names show up in print I could have bought a small home. Yes, that home would be located in a small Mississippi backwater and need some fixing up. Nonetheless….

These days a huge percentage of the wine writing that originally appears in print will show up on the Internet somewhere. And today we have a vast amount of influential wine writing that only shows up on the net. So what we’ve all wanted is a reasonably prices service that will allow you to search the net for wine stories. It might be here

Today, launched. I was alerted to it by a press release that showed up in my email. I don’t usually get press releases; I usually send them. So, it was a good sign that the people behind Popping Corks got the release to me…someone who could really use such a web site.

The site is brilliant. And, it’s free. I type in a keyword and voila…articles written in the past few months show up on the screen with links to them. Furthermore, I can bookmark those links along with notes I include (“send sample”, “call”, “set appointment”, “introduce self”) that I can later refer back to.

The work that goes into maintaining such a site must be in cataloging all the stories on the web that relate to wine. If this can be done thoroughly, Popping Corks will in fact turn out to be the Holy Grail of Wine PR, not to mention the best site on the Internet for gathering information on wine if you are in the business or just love wine.

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