Am I Just Paranoid?

Ok…So I have a suspicious mind. Sometimes I see links that aren’t there. Sometimes I extrapolate when I needn’t. So, as you read this post keep that in mind. Also, ask yourself, does this post have anything to do with "Fermentations" mission of writing about wine, wine marketing, wine PR and the wine industry.

In an opinion piece in today’s San Francisco Chronicle, Michele Simon, a public health attorney and director of the "Center for Informed Food Choices", writes a piece that bemoans the fact that the new U.S. Dietary Guidelines talk a lot about exercise and nutrition, but doesn’t say much about what specific foods should be avoided. That’s fine.

But in her third paragraph she tosses this little nugget, yet never goes back to it or clarifies what she means:
"Emphasizing weight loss conveniently puts the onus for dietary change on the individual and avoids talk of reining in the food industry’s multibillion-dollar marketing budget for unhealthy foods."

What does that mean? What does that imply? Am I paranoid of lawyers? Do I see a new lawsuit driven cause being considered that probably isn’t there? If the veiled suggestion in this statement is considered rational by some, how would the following statement not seem rational:

"Emphasizing moderation conveniently puts the onus for staying healthy on the individual and avoids talk of reining in the alcohol iindustry’s multi-billion dollar marketing budget for dangerous products."

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