“Direct Shipping is fine…just not in our state”

North Dakota is poised to become the 25th state that allows direct shipping of wine to its residents. However, local wholesalers are opposing the change in regulations.

While readers of Fermentations know I am a staunch proponent of direct sales and have on occasion laid into wholesalers for their false explanations why direct sales should not be allowed, I must admit I appreciate the wholesalers reaction to this particular bill. They are if nothing else honest.

According to Rob Hanson of Ed Phillips and Sons wholesaler, they   support the bill (allowing direct shipping) as it relates to sales outside of North Dakota, but not as it allows wineries to ship within the state.

No talk here of minors. No talk of the traditional three tier system and no talk of needing wholesalers to carryout the regulatory work of the state. It’s pretty simple. We don’t mind wineries shipping, as long as it’s not into our state.

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