Alabama: No Wine, No Sex Toys

Perhaps I’m too close to the issue. Nevertheless, I’ve always looked at these anti-direct shipping laws passed in the various states and seen them as among the most silly and obnoxious laws any state could possibly think of passing.

Who is harmed by receiving wine via the mail? And who’s business is it if I want to buy a wine that I’ve coveted for so long that is only available to me by asking it to be shipped? How can the state possibly find any interest in curtailing this act? Minors? Naw, that’s not it. Taxes? Nope. The shipping of wine from out-of-state vendors doesn’t make a dent in tax receipts. The possibility the wine is dangerous? That’s no reason either. The laws are just plain dumb, discriminatory, and gifts to a a well-funded, money-infested, single-issue lobby. No law could be more stupid.

Well, smack me upside the head with a vibrator. I see I’m wrong.

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has let stand an Alabama law that prohibits the sale of sex toys.

Somehow the bans on direct shipping of wine don’t’ seem so monumentally stupid afterall.

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  1. Adult sex toys - September 22, 2011

    Even in America…(land of the free?)

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