PROOF The Wine Industry is BACK!

I can, today, officially announce that the "hard times" that had hit the California wine industry over the past few years is….OVER!!!

How can I know for sure? Today I received a postcard from Williams Selyem announcing: "your Williams Selyem allocation is in JEOPARDY"

What I’m being told is that if I don’t buy some W-S Pinot by March 11, 2005, to be specific, I’m off the allocation list. Now, it’s true that I’ve not taken my allocation for the past few years. Why isn’t important. What is important is that this "notice" is the first of its type I’ve received in about three years.

Back in 1999 and 2000 I was on various wine lists and on a regular basis I would get "warning" letters that if I didn’t buy up, I’d be off the list. Miss one release, and you are gone. Well, it looks like it’s starting again. That’s good news for wineries. It means demand is picking up.

Anyone want my allocation of W-S? At least I’ll stay on the list that way.

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