Wine, War, History and Travel

I don’t think it is any coincidence that those who have great interest in wine also tend to have a bit of the intellectual in them. To embrace the intricacies of wine so fully that you would be willing to ponder the meaning of terroir or the implications of what "greatness" means or even the virtue of hedonistic new world wines versus traditional terroir-driven wines, as wine lovers are want to do, you really do have to be a more deep thinker than is average.

One of the common traits among great wine lovers I’ve observed is a corresponding interest in history. It makes sense really. To truly appreciate the deepest meaning a bottle of wine can carry you have to be taken by the idea of a single beverage being able to represent (symbolize?) a specific place and a specific time.

It turns out a travel and touring company has found a brilliant way to capitalize upon that intellectual link that runs between wine and history.

French Wine Tours is organizing "Wine & War: The Tour."
World                 War II history and the inside world of French wine come to life as you join authors Don and Petie Kladstrup on this exclusive 9-day tour based on their best-selling book, Wine & War. Day by day, you’ll meet the valiant winemakers and chateau owners who struggled fervently against the Nazis to save France’s greatest treasure: its wine. As you visit some of the most prestigious estates of Champagne, Burgundy, the Loire Valley and Bordeaux, these passionate men and women will recount their experiences during the war, show us their beautiful cellars and impressive wineries, and of course, offer us a tasting of their extraordinary wines. 

So, since I know many readers of Fermentations have been wondering what to get its author for his upcoming birthday this month, look no further. "Wine & War: The Tour" cost $6950, double occupancy. Airfare is not included.


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