And Another Wine Blog Debuts

There is a new wine blogger out there whose work impresses me, even after only five posts.

Swirl & Sniff originates out of Seattle. I don’t know who is behind it as there is no name attached to the blog. I came across the Swirl & Sniff after its author left a comment after on of my posts.

Clearly the new blogger follows the trend set by a number of other wine bloggers; they want to help make wines and the thinking about wines more accessible. To quote Swirt & Sniff’s description of thair aim:

There are many places on the web and elsewhere directing folks to good wines that cannot be made part of the every day life of the average person, but this is one of the few swimming against that trend.

Here’s hoping the Swirl & Sniff Blogger will tell us more about themselves and will post every single day.

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