Gimmicky Wine for Women…Hooorah!

I don’t mind gimmicks, as long as they are good gimmicks. Rainier Wines out of Washington seems to have come up with a decent idea for a Gimmick Wine: Mad Housewife. To quote from the press release announcing the new brand:

The company spent nearly a year conducting nationwide testing panels
to let women design and create wines that they would buy regularly.  Utilizing
extensive testing in 10 metropolitan markets and comprehensive Internet
surveys of hundreds of target women, Rainier crafted wine brands specifically
targeted toward the lifestyles of the largest segment of the market.

"We will continue to develop brands that have ‘legs,’ not only in terms of
their varietal extensions, but also by evolving the character of each brand
story, such as seasonally changing Mad Housewife labels, which keep the
product fresh and our customers excited," said Lynch.

"Seasonally Changing Mad Housewife labels". Mmmm. I’ve seen in done with wines like Reindeer Red and Vampire Red, wines that come out at certain times of the year…But never as a regular extension of the brand. I hope the wines are good.

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