“That’s Not Wine Officer…It’s Flavored Water”

Florida is in the midst of trying to get a bill passed that allows direct shipping to the consumer. Gov. Bush is for it, but there is lots of opposition.

One State Senator, Paula Dockery, is taking on the claim that direct shipping will lead to minors getting wine by mail. Her simple and elegant point is that the new law would require that packaging indicate that alcohol is inside and that an adult sign for the box.

Makes sense. But it also brings me back to the various things wineries and retailers have done in the past to get their product to wine lovers in states where shipping was illegal. Now, I’m not saying that I’ve ever done the following or that any of my clients have ever done such things. I’m just saying that I have it on good authority that the following has occurred.

The various ways wine has been described on the shipping label when sent to states where it was illegal to ship:

    "Flavored Water" "Fruit Product" "Glass" "liquids" "Pre-vinegar" "Yeast Confections"

and my favorite

  "passionate fruit product"

We’d all be better off if we could just overcome all these silly anti-direct shipping laws, even though some creativity would be lost.

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