Today is a Good Day…A Very Good Day

Today I’ll take my mother home from the hospital she has been in since having a stroke a little over two weeks ago. So, today is a good day. A very good day.

You think about a lot of different things when you see a parent lying in a hospital bed. Priorities come to mind. The debt we owe to those that offer us unconditional love. These are things that really ought to come to mind as a matter of course. But they always don’t.

My mother’s stroke was brought on by a combination of high blood pressure and the development of diabetes. The nurses and physical therapists at Sonoma Valley Hospital have been amazing. They’ve been friends. Even confidantes. They’ll be getting a box delivered to them with a stash of my best bottles, as well as my support and gratefulness.

In the course of the last two weeks I’ve learned a lot about high blood pressure, diabetes and strokes. Naturally, I learned a bit about the connection between wine and these medical conditions. The connection is a good one. I recommend you read:

-This About Wine and Strokes
-This About Wine and Diabetes
-This About Wine and High Blood Pressure.

My mom has never been much of a wine drinker. But this Easter, when my wife, son, daughter, sisters and I are at my mothers house to celebrate Easter together I’m going to bring over a bottle of one of the best White Zinfandels I’ve ever tasted. A really amazing wine. She might have a sip or two. I don’t know. But she’ll at least have a glass in front of her when we toast to her speedy recovery.

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