Guide to Great PR 1.0

The public relations business can be frustrating. You can never be sure if your efforts will yield results. Advertising is different. You choose the medium to advertise in. You know how many eyeballs you are paying for. And if you are good, you have a decent idea of what the response will be.

Publicists spend their day, essentially, standing on the roof top and yelling, "hey, look at me!" You are bound to get someone to turn their head and look. And if you have a sharp voice and know what direction to shout in, there’s a somewhat better chance that the right head will turn in your (or your client’s) direction.

So if you’ve ever wonder what success looks like to a publicist, you should look at this story over at I honestly don’t know if this story on Sonoma Valley was a result of a publicist’s work. It may be that the writer had been looking for an opportunity to write about Sonoma Valley for a long time because it’s one of their favorite places to go. What I do know is that some publicist will take credit for it and I do know that this story is about as good as it gets for a little region like Sonoma Valley.


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