Wine Loving Kids…Make More of Them

Being a person who works in the wine industry, who has lots of wine and alcohol in the home and who is a parent of two young children, I’ve given a good amount of thought to how the consumption of alcohol should be presented to the little ones (9 and 11) in the home. 

I’ve come down on the issue like this: It’s important to demonstrate a respect for the effects of alcohol, as well as train the children how you can enjoy wine in particular without getting sloppy drunk.

So, we let them smell and sip a small amount of whatever wine we have at the table. We ask them what they taste, what they smell, what they like (the dessert wines are popular). It’s an approach that seems to be working.

But his approach is not something that a large number of people in America would approve of. Most organizations and individuals concerned with minors and their exposure to alcohol take an approach that could only be called  TOTAL ABSTINENCE.

Well, it’s nice to find an organization that take a more reasonable view.

The Sociology Department at State University of New York in Potsdam has this GREAT INFORMATIONAL SITE CONCERNING ALCOHOL, PARENTS AND MINORS

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  1. kids tops - November 12, 2011

    The wine must has less alcoholic for the children. And sweet wine are preferable for them.

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