Wine Spectator Founder Passes Away

In 1976 Bob Morrisey created the Wine Spectator Magazine.

It was a fairly visionary move. He went out and hired some great writers, many of whom went on to become very successful. He and his writers created a tabloid on wine that was upbeat, at times humorous, and a long needed addition to the wine writing genre in America. In 1979 Marvin Shanken, a fan of the magazine, bought it and made it into the most important wine magazine in the world.

Bob Morrisey died last Saturday

According to Dan Berger, a wine writer who worked with Mr. Morrisey and who now publishes"Vintage Experiences",one of the best wine newsletters anywhere, reports on Mr. Morrisey’s last words. His visiting family informed him that they were going out to get a bite of food and some wine, saying to him, "Wish you could join us, you always do appreciate a good glass of wine.

"I always do," he responded. Then he died

To Bob Morrisey…a wine pioneer.

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  1. Peter Finkelstein - April 4, 2005

    Visionary seems a strong word. Although I know you are pr guy and you must see visionaries under every rock.
    But lets have a sense of perspective. What vision did he have? An end to world hunger? World peace? We’re not talking about Moses or Mohammed here!
    Where did the vision get us — a repulsive lifestyle magazine with the latest scoop on what Rhea Perlman and Danny Devito are putting in their cellar.

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