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The Question Was…

Where are you most likely to get your wine information?

67.2% 39

Elsewhere on the Internet
53.4% 31

Wine Magazines
46.6% 27

0% 0

1.7% 1

17.2% 10

Wine Newsletters
15.5% 9

Other (please specify)
10.3% 6

So what does this mean. It means exactly what you think. The 58 people who answered this question get their wine news predominantly on the Internet. We knew that. Did we know how irrelevant Television and radio was? Oddly, there are some pretty good wine related radio shows out there that can and do appeal to the hard core wine lover like you. Of course most of what’s on TV is geared to the novice. And it should be for obvious reasons.

I am surprised that Wine Newsletters was not more often the pick in this survey. For my money the most in depth wine information you can currently get is in the various newsletters on wine. And I’m not even thinking of Robert Parker’s wine advocate here, though among those who chose "Wine Newsletters," I’d bet they did have the Wine Advocate on their mind.

Stats and surveys are fun. But it’s important not to confuse the results with anything other than what they are, a snapshot of the respondents. In this case, a snap shot of a small sample of Fermentation’s readers.

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