The Nexus of Wine & Astrology

While fun to contemplate, I suppose, this man’s notion that the wine we drink reveals our personality is, well, loopy.

Find out who you are based on the wine you reach for by reading this.

Then, go to today’s paper, open up the Astrology column and get a further idea of who you are. Then, head down to Madame Svalotsky’s seedy little place on the frontage road near Interstate 9 and add to your knowledge of yourself. Finally, after you’ve paid her $50, get back in your car, drive to the supermarket and buy a little Earl Gray. Make a pot of tea. Now, look at the tea leaves left in the bottom of the pot. See how they adhere to the bottom of the pot. Now you’ll have a complete picture of yourself.

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  1. Veronica Murillo - September 10, 2007

    hello, i cant open the page of the report of The Nexus of astrology and wine, i want to know if ther1s still there, or a link about this report, because im do it a work for the university in Argentina.Im glad if you can tell me a link or a direction of a web page that talks about this..! Many thanks.
    Veronica Ecuador

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