What’s Your Rose Fantasy?

BikewineBradley Cooper is a winemaker up in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. He makes wine for Stag’s Hollow. But, he is also a winemaking consultant, wine judge, writer, broadcaster and blogger.

It turns out that among his other talents is giving good Rose Fantasy. To wit:

Here’s my rose fantasy: Me, a bike, dusty backroad of some wine region. I’m wearing a beret! And I sport a pencil thin moustache. I don’t get beat up. On the contrary, a raven haired beauty named Carmen is loooking for a ride. She perches on my handlebars. In her straw basket is cold roasted herbed chicken and various bits of cheese and olives with the requisite baguette. And a magical bottle of wine (rose) that is frosty cool. We retire to a grassy knoll beneath a tree. Ants know nothing of this place. Bliss.

Sounds perfect. Make that raven haired beauty my Ginny and I’m right with you.

Who else has a Rose Fantasy?

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