Wonderful Wine Blog: “Wine Waves”

And then you come across a wine blog you haven’t seen before but that is really doing it right.

Wine Waves is a wonderful blog focused on tasting notes. It’s easy on the eyes too with great shots of labels and bottles to go along with the astute reviews.

I really love coming across new sources like this; blogs that you happily had to your blog roll. Jerry Hall is the culprit, a part wine wine consultant in a retail outlet in Nashville and a member of the sign making guild on the side.

Jerry does something interesting with each review. He(?) tells us what kind of closure the wine uses. He’s partial to screwcaps…particularly for whites, and doesn’t like the composite cork closures.

Go see this wine blog. Well worth your time.

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  1. LENNDEVOURS - April 27, 2005

    Catch the Waves…Winewaves That Is

    It seems like there are new wine blogs popping up every single day. I’m afraid that my

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