Do Your Duty…Now, I’m outta here

I’ve received quite a few calls and emails regarding my post about the laundry list of money gifts the Wine & Spirit Wholesalers Association dole out to politicians in the hope that they will help them stop wine lovers from buying fine wine….so we can save the children.

I’ve also gotten calls and emails regarding my post on WSWA CEO Juanita Duggan’s absurd little rant she gave a the her organization’s recent convention.

So, I thought before Fermentations takes a few days hiatus for some R&R in New Orleans, I’d give everyone some contact information for those they really should contact.

If you have a problem with Ms. Duggan’s and the wholesaler’s ugly practice of holding up children in front of them to avoid the bullets in order to protect themselves and their money
I urge you all to use this contact information and let your voice be heard:

Juanita Duggan
President and CEO—WSWA
202-371-9792 x311
[email protected]

Karen Gravois  Senion VP, Communications

                  202-371-9792 x306
[email protected]

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