The “Maiming Ap”

More wine blogs!

It seems like every week I come across two or three wine blogs I’d not encountered before. Every indication suggests the blogging phenomena is not a phenomena. I would not go as far as to call it a "killer ap" since this title goes to developments like e-mail, the web browser and PDFs. However, I think it is fair to call blogs the "Maiming Ap"

Since wine writing and reporting is not the kind of pursuit that lends itself to scoops or breaking coverage, it is doubtful that the wine blogs out here will make the kind of impact that is felt by the media watchdog or political blogs. However, I think it is safe to say that a number of wine lovers are broadening  their selection of wine information thanks to blogs. And here are two more I like and recently discovered.

A-B is the work of Jon Bonne, a wine and food writer for Jon’s got style in his pen. His posts are pithy and run the gamut of topics. He’s got links everywhere too and I really appreciate that

Winberis is the work of a Wine Business Strategies student a Sonoma State University. It reminds me of Fermentations with its emphasis on the workings of wine. I like this blog. Its owner, Christian, has been at it since mid March but the rhythm is there. I’m hoping he posts on a daily basis. But if you need a really good reason to visit this site then go to check out this map of who "soda/pop/cola/coke" is referred to in different parts of the country. It’s absolutely fascinating.


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