America’s Wine University Turns 125

America’s premier wine and grapegrowing institution of higher learning is celebrating its 125th anniversary paving the way for great wine. U.C Davis was mandated in 1880 to establish a program in enology and viticulture. More California winemakers have taken their education at Davis than anywhere else.

Davis was crucial to getting the California wine industry up and running after prohibition. What made them so important was their responsiveness to the industry. The Department of Enology and Viticulture has always worked very closely with the industry, keeping careful track of the issues confronting winemakers and grapegrowers and helping them face those problems.

The instructors at UC Davis have become some of the most important names in American wine history from Harold Olmo to Carole Meredith.

Here’s a toast to one important wine institution.

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  1. Robin - June 7, 2009

    i want to study wine making course as my further studies, what can i do for it i am from foreign(nepal) so help me my carrer building process,

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