Sexual Confusion & the Cosmic Time Cycle

I read a LOT about wine…it’s almost embarrassing. And I’m pretty good at being able to skim over even the longest of stories and pull out the nuggets, the "take away" message. But sometimes, I’m stopped in my tracks as I move though a story. I was stopped in my tracks this morning when I came across this paragraph in a story about a Burgundian producers in China Daily:

"As part of their reasoned prevention scheme, sexual-confusion capsules are used to eliminate pests. And the vines own life-rhythm cycle is under study to develop a cosmic-time cycle calendar for working the vineyards."

I’ve had clients and editors over the years come back to me and question what I’ve written in an article, press release, press kit or elsewhere. I’ve been urged strongly to change things. But if I every put something like this down on paper I’m pretty positive that not only would I be fired, I’d also have my sanity questioned.

You go ahead and read the article for yourself and try to figure out what this paragraph has to do with wine, the subject under consideration or anything else. It’s possible I’m uninformed. But I doubt it.

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  1. Seth - June 3, 2005

    Well, remember the recent discussion of the “gay bomb” that the Pentegon was working on? It’s just like that. 😉

  2. al - June 13, 2005

    “sexual confusion” = pheromone attractant lures
    “cosmic-time cycle calendar” = biodynamic agriculture

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