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You’ve got to appreciate a guy who gets into the wine business after writing an academic paper on Oscar Wilde’s own review of a wine book.

The "Guy" is Richard Elia, publisher of Quarterly Review of Wine, the only prose oriented wine magazine published in America. The wine book that so interested Wilde that he would be forced to mock it and which later let to Elia’s own article was George Saintsbury’s ‘Notes on a Cellar Book". (It should be noted that Saintsbury’s book also inspired admiration among the wine inclined. David Graves and Richard Ward named their Carneros winery after the author.

Elia is celebrating his 25th Anniversary publishing Quarterly Review of Wine. Though less well known than the Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast or Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, QRW is well known among those who like to read stylish writing about wine.

Elia should know something about stylish writing. He is a Tennyson scholar who writes academic articles on Victorian literature as well as teaches literature at Salem State College in Massachusetts. His savvy is also on display when you consider that his magazine attracts some of the best wine writers in the world.

Twenty-five years is a long time. Circulation of the magazine is upwards of 175,000 and growing. He’s stated that he wants to get circulation up to 200,000. He will. The numbers of wine lovers is growing and the publication will attract more than its share.

I highly recommend Quarterly Review of Wine for anyone who wants to go beyond numbers and ratings. Its current issue includes the following articles plus many more:

QrwcoverAssessing White Burgundy 2003/Clive Coates, M.W.

Four Centuries of Claret/Michael Broadbent, M.W.

A Rare Passion: Bordeaux’s Bernard Magrez/Alan Spencer

Vintage Whine: The Film "Mondovino"/Alan Spencer

Top Ten California Chardonnays/QRW Tasting Panel

Sonoma’s Top Ten Pinot Noirs/Eleanor and Ray Heald

Tablas Creek Comes of Age/Gerald D. Boyd

A True Master: Merry Edwards/Richard Paul Hinkle

Top Ten Oregon Pinot Noirs/QRW Tasting Panel

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