Eclecticism From the Mouth of a Retailer

I get a good amount of email from people like me (PR Types), blog owners and others who pitch me on the idea of writing about their blog, their writings or otherwise. Some of it is interesting. Some not.

The email I got from a person encouraging me to look at the "Rantings & Ravings" page of the Weimax Wine & Spirits web site was interesting and fun.

Located in Burlingame, California, Weimax offers a fairly eclectic selection of wines from across the globe with a good emphasis on value. Oddly enough, while their website is a very good read, they’ve chosen apparently not to sell on-line. I think they should.

That said, their "Rantings and Ravings" page is essentially a blog-like collection of wine info, commentary and, yes, rants and ravings.

I’m not sure who writes the stuff but they certainly have their tongue fitted firmly in their cheek.

I recommend you go and read.

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