Sharing Your Wine Life

I have reason today to think about the idea of sharing with someone else not just the wines you open on a daily basis, but sharing your wine life with another person.

Sitting with a bottle in front of you and corkscrew in hand is an anticipatory experience. There’s always that chance you’ve hit on one of those wines you’ll just remember forever. Of course, it could be a dud too, a wine you remember because it sunk so far below your expectations that you are actually taken aback.

The funny thing is, no matter what the wine turns out to be, you end up always wanting to find someone to tell about it. Better yet is sharing the anticipation and the experience of discovery with someone. It really is a life’s delight to be able to recount those wine experiences, good and bad, with someone who understands your passion; someone who saw your eyes light up, or sink relentlessly; someone who has seen you sip and evaluate so often that they know what those brow furls and eyebrow risings mean.


Today I celebrate Ginny, the person who I share my wine life with and who, unbelievably, answered yes when I asked her to marry me a few years ago on this day. Ginny knows what I like in a bottle of wine. She encourages me, my blogging pursuits, and my wine opinions. She is one amazing wine partner, life partner and wife.

Happy Anniversary, Scooter.

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  1. Joel - September 15, 2005

    Happy Anniversary!
    Here’s to many years of Enjoying the Wine Life!

  2. Mike - September 15, 2005

    Here’s to a Happy Anniversary – and many more!

  3. Fiorenzo - September 15, 2005

    Great post. Sometimes I meet customers who live a life with an abstainer partner; I feel bad for ’em.
    Happy anniversary.

  4. Fredric Koeppel - September 16, 2005

    well, damnit, you brought a tear to these eyes this morning. what a lovely tribute. i have to say that while i encounter many wines at the zoos of trade tastings or at wine events and dinners where i dont know anybody or just standing in the kitchen going through a dozen chardonnays after breakfast (and some of those are great wines), i would rather taste a bottle at dinner with my wife with music on and our dogs and cats around us than under any other circumstance. we can spend an hour on one bottle of wine, and at the end of that hour, i understand the wine far better than if i had been tasting it alone. we met 15 years ago, and the way i write about wine improved after a few months of tasting wine with her. here’s to those without whom we cannot survive. have a great anniversary.

  5. Barbara - September 16, 2005

    On a recent Wednesday around 9.00AM my husband discovered me sitting at the computer with a glass of wine in my hand sniffing, swirling and tasting and understood immediately it was a WBW. Now that’s understanding. Happy anniversary.

  6. Adam - September 17, 2005

    I get drunk before noon too!!
    Hookah Shisha

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