100 Wines Under $25…Good Idea

I’ve been critical of, well, anyone who chooses to dis the wine lovers, wine professional, and wine enthusiasts who utilize the vocabulary of wine and the intricacies of wine to explain their passion for it. These so-called snobs are ridiculed for "making wine inaccessible." It’s as though the critics of the wine enthusiasts think wine should merely be drunk, and not contemplated.

But there is a right way to make wine’s intricacies more accessible to those who choose to investigate beyond Yellowtail and Vino100 in Portland gets it right.

This new retail establishment Always has at least 100 wines under $25 on their shelves, they are serious about education, plus they provide a "wine barometer" for each of the $25 and under wines to explain the wines character in an easy to understand fashion.

First, I love the the idea of lots of $25 and under wines on the shelves of a store. But I love this "wine barometer idea where each wine is explained by its degree of fruitiness and body.

Whether you are a novice, dedicated learner or wine fanatic, it should be very easy to find what you want. Great retailers assure this. Vino100 is great idea.

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  1. Mike Duffy - September 17, 2005

    I agree that Vino100 is a great idea, and it should play well in metro areas (it’s a chain of stores). Actually, it would be cool if some groceries (e.g. Safeway) incorporated (stole) this idea into their own wine sections – it would seem to be an easy win.
    As I said in my post, all they need now is a Vinotek machine so that you can sample the wines and associate the visual rating system with the actual characteristic of the wine in your mouth.

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