Did the Cold Winters Freeze Their Brain?

So Imagine this law…

I’m a California winery. I get an order for two bottles of my 90 point Russian River Valley Zin from a nice fellow in Minnasota. He tells me, "ship the wine to my friend in San Francisco."

However, Minnasota law prevents me from taking his order ( read the last paragraph of this link). That enlightened state has a little law prohibiting in-state (they do have wineries in Minnasota) and out-of-state wineries from accepting orders from Minnasotans.

How completely F ‘ed Up is that?  I’m having trouble wrapping my little mind around that one. Is it to protect the Minnasota wholesalers from competition? Are they protecting Minnasotans from themselves? Are they protecting wineries across the country from the scourge of commerce?

Any explanations would be appreciated.

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  1. Mithrandir - October 12, 2005

    It sounds to me like Minnesota is trying to regulate interstate commerce. Which they can’t do.

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