Mia’s Harvest Blog

How do I miss these things? I feel like I let my Fermentation readers down.

One of Napa Valley’s best know and most respected winemakers is offering a treat: A harvest blog.

Mia Klein owns Selene Winery in Napa Valley and is a sought after consulting winemaker. She’s been blogging this harvest since August. Mia has started working with Cathy Corison (one of my favorite winemakers) at Chappellet Winery, then worked with the great Tony Soter. Currently she also consults for Dalle Valle, Fisher and Bressler wineries.

Reading her entries you get a real sense of what its like to watch the sky and listen to what the temperature of the breeze is telling you about the progress of the harvest.

Mia’s Harvest Blog

I should point out that this is one more blog from a winery. It’s a growing trend. My prediction: By harvest 2006 we’ll be able to read more than 50 blogs by American wineries alone.

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  1. Mike Duffy - October 7, 2005

    Great minds think alike (grin): Blog On, Harvest Moon!
    I hope your 50-blog prediction comes true (with the addition of Selene, our list stands at 10). For your winery clients that aren’t yet blogging, what’s the objection? Is it simply “just one more thing to do?”

  2. The Winery Web Site Report - October 7, 2005

    New Winery Blog: Selene Harvest Diary

    Another winery blog! Selene Harvest Blog from Mia Klein, owner of Selene Wines, brings our list to 10. Thanks to FERMENTATIONS for pointing us to it! And Selene does the right thing by mentioning their new blog on their home

  3. john gavin - October 10, 2005

    I’m Mia’s web guy. You missed it because I haven’t tried too hard to pimp it. I announced it on the Parker and Garr boards, but I didn’t want to annoy bloggers by leaving comments about it and have that annoyance transfer to Mia.
    I agree that it’s a great marketing tool for winemakers and a great read for wine lovers. Problem is that most winemakers don’t have the time, plus they’re not necessarily good writers. Mia is a good writer, but still I don’t think her blog would happen without the help of Tracy, who types what Mia dictates into a tape recorder.
    I also talked Judd Finkelstein of Judds Hill into doing a blog, but so far I think he has been victim to the problem mentioned above. Judd is a terrific writer, but time is really short right now. I’ve got two more suspects I plan to talk into doing blogs next year.
    I’m not holding my breath, but I think that it would be great if Judd and/or Mia kept the blog up all year, not just during harvest. Winemakers travel so much, and they’re out there doing drive-arounds with wholesalers, doing winemaker events, tastings, etc that they do have stories to tell, though many of those might be best in an anonymous blog.

  4. Laura Neulat - October 14, 2007

    I do not have a Grape Harvest blog, or a wine blog, but have a few postings on wine in my blog, the most recent being Wine Harvesting day! This has been such a wonderful experience that I’d like to share with you my enthusiasm! May I invite you to visit (and leave comments) at http://aworldinapan.blogspot.com

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