Welcome to the new FERMENTATION

Forced to abandon the name "Fermentations", we are reincarnated as FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog.

Why and how were we forced to abandon the "S"? Long story. Suffice to say, it involved a number of lawyers, some of whom believed damage had been visited on a particular business of the same name due to my use of the name.

But what is an "S" anyway besides the 19th letter of the alphabet? Well, it’s certainly the very essence of "pluralness". Does this mean I’ll no longer have a number of different thoughts on wine, the wine industry, wine education and wine public relations? That’s not likely.

Perhaps we can say, that FERMENTATION described the ongoing process of what happens when my mind meets the world around it.

My hope is that you will re-subscribe to to this RSS Feed if you had subscribed to the former "fermentationS" feed. And if you’ve not subscribed, well, it’s easy. Look in the upper right hand corner of this site and you’ll see a number of ways to subscribed to Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog.

If you had the former site bookmarked you can delete it and re-bookmark this page.

I want to thank everyone who has supported this effort at recording and reporting on wine and the wine industry. It will continue. Up to today’s changeover we had roughly 6,000 unique visitors to the site per month on average. Not bad. But we think we can do better with more and better content and commentary.

Any thoughts on what kind of comments and commentary you’d like to see instituted on the new FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog???  Leave a comment. Let me know.

Again, thank you for following me to this new piece of real estate.

Tom Wark

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  1. Terry Hughes - October 30, 2005

    You’ve got an informative and spirited blog going here, Tom, and you post more than most bloggers can hope to. Stupid forced name change aside, keep the thing as it is. You’re giving us the inside scoop on so much that goes on in your important neck of the woods!

  2. jens - October 31, 2005

    What a pain to make the change, and to get everyone to change all the links. I look to your blog first for political/governmental news in the wine biz. (What’s happening in Pennsylvania?) But what about an occassional wine review? What are you drinking, or due to business conflicts is that problematic? Keep on blogging. We will find you!
    jen at cincinnati wine garage with no S’s

  3. Al - October 31, 2005

    Should’ve gone to “WarksFermentations”…that should’ve been unique enough.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Lenn - October 31, 2005

    Annoying or not…the forced changes just goes to show what sort of impact a blog can have…true or percieved.
    I think I speak for all wine blog lovers in just being happy that you’re not going anywhere 🙂

  5. Mike - October 31, 2005

    Ah, Fermentations (TM). Now I see the reason. Yes, I’ll bet you were cutting into their bottom line big time. Are we all going to have to Trade Mark our blogs to avoid this sort of rubbish?

  6. The Winery Web Site Report - November 1, 2005


    Tom Wark has been forced to change the name of his excellent wine industry blog from FERMENTATIONS to FERMENTATION. Since it involves lawyers and Tom isn’t talking, I can only presume that someone got upset and hired a lawyer (disclaimer:

  7. Fiorenzo - November 2, 2005

    Links updated, lawyers happy. It’s a wonderful world.

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