The end of the American (Wine) Empire?

NossJonathon Nossiter predicts the coming end of the American Empire? Sure sounds like it.

In an interview with the Japan Times, Nossiter, the auteur behind the scandalous film "Mondovino", suggests that the end of Uncle Sam’s grip on the world will lead to a demolition of of the "current taste in wine":

"Globalization has always been around — French wines are the direct
result of Roman globalization and the so-called classic style of
Bordeaux was created to suit the British palate during the 17th and
18th centuries. So in the same vein, the end of the American empire
will signify the end of the current taste in wines. The singular nature
of globalization is that the dominant culture can spread more or less
permanently throughout the world and if America crumbles, its effects
on the wine industry will be immeasurable."

Well, he did put that "if" in there at the end, didn’t he. But, is it me or is a detectable American death wish on Nossiter’s mind? Clearly he does not think much of the "current taste in wine".

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