Wine and the Cranium Explosion Syndrome

Here’s a tactic in the Wine Shipping Battles I’ve not come across before.

A lawsuit has been filed in Minnesota by The Institute For Justice that is asking that state’s ban on Internet wine sales to be declared an unconstitutional restriction on "Free Speech".

"The state should not be in the business of telling people how, and
through which medium, they can talk," said Lee McGrath, executive
director of the Institute for Justice’s Minneapolis office.

This seems like a long shot to me, but then I’m not a scholar of constitutional law. What I do know is that in Minnesota a consumer can purchase wine from a retailer’s Internet site, but not from a winery’s, one of those strange laws you look at and can only ask……huh?

Jim Farrell, a former Minnesota legislator and now the Executive director of the Minnesota Licensed Beverage association explained, ""If Minnesotans are allowed to buy wine on the Internet
giant California wineries will jump into the on-line business in a big
way, potentially harming Minnesota’s fledgling wine industry."

Of course this doesn’t explain why the Institute for Justice filed its lawsuit on behalf of two Minnesota wineries.

Sometimes your head feels like it’s just going to explode.

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