2005 Thanksgiving Whines

2005 Thanksgiving Whines

1. I can’t find the Xbox 360 ANYWHERE!!

2. My local store ran out of Roederer Estate Brut

3. My dog won’t quit Sh*tting on my new sod lawn

4. I can’t find any buyers for a 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier

5. Where can I find a wine shop that doesn’t use those annoying "Shelf Talkers" below the wines that our company designs

6. How long will it take New Orleans to get up and running so I can go back to eat at Petunia’s?

7. How come Typepad always decides to slow down when I’m ready to post an entry to this blog?

8. Will someone PLEASE start a wine blog that gives daily updates on the best wine deals on the Internet..Please!!

9. How come there’s no place in the Town of Sonoma to buy really good cured meats?

10. What the hell is FOX thinking….taking Arrested Development off he air?

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  1. Erin - November 24, 2005

    Well Tom…#1 is pretty much a hopeless case. When I’m not writing about wine, I’m writing about video gaming (a job’s a job!) and you’re not going to get your hands on a 360 until January at the very earliest if you pre-ordered, and April-ish otherwise. Or you could pay $3000 on eBay, but expect you have grape-related things you would rather do with that kind of money.

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