Fermenting On The Radio

Doing radio is like blogging….just really really sped up.

If you care to you can catch me speed blogging today…twice, on two great local Sonoma Valley shows.

At  1pm I’ll be doing my once per month stint on KSVY’s "Wine Biz 2.4. KSVY 91.3 is Sonoma Valley’s local radio station and has an amazingly eclectic collection of shows. Wine Biz 2.4 is hosted by "KAZ" of Kaz Winery here in Kenwood. Kaz is a natural entertainer and in possession of what could only be called a "radio voice." I come on once per month with Kaz and friends and talk about developments in the wine industry. It’s a fun, loose show that hits a lot of topics.

Later, at 3pm, again on KSVY, I’ll be a guest on The Kathleen Hill Show, hosted by…..Kathleen Hill. Kathleen is a Sonoman who has written extensively on food, travel and wine and, with her husband Gerald, on local history. We will be discussing the phenomenon of wine blogging, why it has exploded and what makes it so compelling.

KSVY is streamed live over the Internet.

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  1. Beau - November 7, 2005

    I’ll be listening in Tom. I’m anxious to hear your take (and Kathleen’s reaction) to what makes wine blogs compelling..
    Good luck!

  2. Mark Storer - November 8, 2005

    Hey Tom-
    Remember, I was first–and you didn’t blog about it! We had a great couple of talks on the air at KCLU down here on the Central Coast!

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