Goldfarb’s “Jelly Jar Blockbuster”


"I think we’ve lost our way a little since we’ve been making those
jelly-jar blockbusters favored by many consumers. We know it too, but
we are loath to admit it."

Alan Goldfarb, St. Helena Star

Alan Goldfarb writes one of the most interesting wine columns in America. His columns are a supremely readable lot generated from his genuinely curious mind and reporter’s temperament as well as a real love of wine and a bit of the admonitions reminiscent of the proverbial Jewish grandmother.

His most recent column on the industry’s investigation into the effects on growers and wines of longer hang-time in the vineyard is a perfect example.

The quote above is an example of the commentary/reporting/opinion mix that often define his writings. And he’s right about the "Jelly-Jar Blockbusters".

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