Fermentation Holiday Contest is Underway

I like giving gifts at this time of year…but I’m quirky insofar as I want to make you work for it. So, Welcome to


It works this way, the first person to note in the comments section of this post the name of the winery depicted in the picture below and hinted at with the meager clue I’ll offer today receives a one year email subscription to Dan Berger’s Vintage Experiences Newsletter.

If no one guess the name of the winery today, I’ll leave another clue tomorrow. If no one guesses tomorrow, I’ll leave a new clue the next day, and so on.

So…Let the Guessing Begin

Clue #1: The winery is located in Napa Valley


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  1. Charlie Adler - December 15, 2005

    Franciscan – is it a photo of Franciscan?

  2. Josh - December 15, 2005


  3. Johng - December 15, 2005

    something tells me I’m not allowed to guess.

  4. Jahan - December 15, 2005

    Valley Floor, Oakville perhaps….

  5. Tom Wark - December 15, 2005

    None correct so far.
    And yes, John, you are allowed to play.

  6. johng - December 15, 2005

    Well that’s too bad cause if I’m allowed to play the contest is over.
    Funny about that picture. It was taken by my wife with a super-wide angle lens in order to get the interior of that portico as well as the vineyard. Cathy didn’t like the distortion that the lens caused, though I really liked it. So I sqrunched the photo in photoshop to mostly un-distort it.

  7. Rick - December 15, 2005

    Only one I can think of is Beaucanon Estate Winery. Is that on 29 or 128?

  8. Rick - December 15, 2005

    Oh, guess it was already done.
    Popular picture too.

  9. Tom Wark - December 15, 2005

    Ding Ding Ding Ding…
    Well, it appears we have a winner!! However, not the way I would have expected it to go. It is a very small world. And I had such great clues lined up/
    John recieves a one year’s subscription to Dan Berger’s Vintage Experiences courtesy of Fermentation.
    Stay tuned for the second FERMENTATION HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY coming soon.

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