Industry Looks like I’ll be writing a wine column for INDUSTRY magazine, a lifestyle print publication. INDUSTRY is a pretty unique publication/business. Different issues appear in various different markets across the country and hold both local as well as national editorial. The publication sells franchises in different markets. The national headquarters sells "national" ads that find their way into all the franchise publications, while the franchise sell the local advertising.

This should be a great gig, giving me the chance to write on wine for a true, high caliber consumer audience. The column will come out bi-monthly and I’ll focus on how to indulge your love of wine, tips for visiting wine country as well as focusing on interesting trends affecting wine consumers.

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  1. Beau - December 9, 2005

    Good on ya mate! I’ll be looking forward to your first piece.

  2. Josh - December 10, 2005

    Fantastic news! It should be enlightening and rewarding for you to experience the industry from the shoes of the professional wine writer. I would think that would only help you hone your PR skills even more.
    I’ve just subscribed and I look forward to reding your columns.

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