Cocktails with the Noonday Demon

The smart-assed Texas girl we’ve come to associate with Cork & Demon is morphing. Morphing in a way many of us think of doing. She’s on the road, and she’s got mission.

Who doesn’t dream of hitting the road and aiming your car at the best little wineries you can find between here and California? You’ve got to be able to deal with solitude. You’ve got to be able to keep your mission front and center in your mind. You’ve got to be shrewd.

The Demon is documenting her roadquest at Cocktails with the Noonday Demon, the new blog that looks to be now dedicated to the Demon’s trip. Lot’s of juicy stuff is up there that makes you think. But you can count on some good discoveries being posted too. Demon has a good background in wine, so she knows what’s what there. And she’s got a pointed and acerbic pen (keyboard?) too. That makes the reading fun and worthwhile.

So, it appears we’ve found that rare site you can commit an RSS subscription to.

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  1. taj - December 12, 2005

    Thanks for the plug! I did want to mention that I’m not yet on the road. My departure date is March 1, 2006, and I’ll be using both blogs to chronicle my preparation for and experiences during my trip.
    I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it. Thanks again!

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