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I received an email from Franco Tiratore about his wine blog:  il taccuino del Franco tiratore. Now here’s the thing, I don’t read Italian. And that’s not good because Tiratore is one good journalists with bylines in a number of places you’d want to be if you were a wine writer.

So, I did two things. Looked around for other Wine Blogs in Italian and became much more familiar with Google’s Translation site.

This put me on the right path to appreciate the Italian wine writing appearing on blogs. Below are a selection of Italian wine-inspired blogs or wine blogs written in Italian.

By the way, I learned that Franco’s blog, in English, means "the notebook of Franco Tiratore"

Di Vino & Cibo
pecoranera blog

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  1. Terry Hughes - December 2, 2005

    I also publish my own articles in Italian, Tom, and publish translations of Franco’s articles.

  2. Terry Hughes - December 2, 2005

    “Franco tiratore” might be translated (which I do) as “Straightshooter,” because Franco doesn’t pussyfoot around, God bless him.

  3. Terry Hughes - December 2, 2005

    Sorry to bombard you with my comments, Tom, but I should also mention that Giampiero Nadali has a very well-respected blog, Aristide (which you list above). Again, we sometimes publish each other’s articles and translations. Giampiero is based in Verona and has easy access to the relatively unknown (to Americans) but exciting wine regions of NE Italy and neighboring Slovenia. The guy is tireless, seems never to sleep (Skype calls at midnight his time on a week night, which would kill me)–but his dedication and level of posting are pretty similar to yours!
    I promise, I’ll stop now. Thanks, BTW.

  4. Giampiero alias Aristide - December 3, 2005

    Thanks Tom (and Terry!).
    Aristide has some good friends in US and I hope to be able to edit an “international” version of my blog in the near future. Actually you may find some contents shared with Mondosapore ( by Terry Hughes.

  5. Franco Ziliani - December 5, 2005

    Tom, thanks for your very kind words concerning my blog Il taccuino del Franco tiratore:
    I think that is very interesting to read others Italians wine Web sites, like LaVINIum and other wine blogs like Peperosso or Tirbouchon
    Best regards
    Franco Ziliani

  6. Italian Wines - December 5, 2005

    In order to read others Italians wine Web sites J mention J hope is interesting for you.
    Best regards

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