Water Into Wino

WaterintowinoI like to catch’em in their infancy. And "yesterday" definitely feels like infancy to me.

WATER INTO WINO is a new wine blog that launched….yesterday. Yet, nine posts have been entered already. This is a very good start.

We don’t have an identity of the new blogger, but based on the wines he’s reviewed and the fact that he’s (is it a "he"?) happy to have gotten the new Astor Wines catalog, I’m placing him somewhere in New York state. If our new mystery blogger can keep at it, and at a regular pace, we might be in for an eclectic selection of wine reviews. Mystery Blogger has already given us reviews on a Canadian, California, New York, Italian and Australian wine.

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  1. wineguy - December 5, 2005

    I have a new wineblog too. Pimp me! Pimp me!

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