Wine Blog Con 2006

As some of you know there is a growing movement to hold a Wine Bloggers Conference sometime in 2006. Most agree that the time seems right.

Jerry at WineWaves originally raised the idea. Craig Camp of Anne Amie Vineyards has offered up use of his winery in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

The issues being discussed by wine bloggers, members of the trade, advertisers and marketers are currently being discussed over at the Wine Camp Blog Forum.

I urge anyone who wants to participate in the planning of Wine Blog Con 2006 or anyone who might lend some ideas for the event to head over to the Wine Camp Blog Forum to offer your ideas. At this point, the more input the better.

The reasons for a wine blog conference are many. I like the idea of bringing together a group of wine bloggers to discuss the art, to trade ideas about the future of the medium and how to make it better, to listen to experts in on-line and print publishing, and basically to gather ideas on how to do it better.

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